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Archive Team: The Proust.Com Panic Download

Published April 10, 2012

PROUST.COM, a collection of memories and records of human lives, announced it was closing down and giving limited time to retrieve these supposedly valuable and permanent records. The site has since announced it will likely live on through "anonymous" benefactors, but that's not exactly top-quality assurance. Archive Team has this collection of public-facing Proust accounts to keep for history's sake.

Identifier proust-panic-download
Date 2012-04-10
Mediatype web
Publicdate 2012-04-11 03:41:54
Addeddate 2012-04-11 03:41:54
Year 2012
Language English


Reviewer: chief864 - - September 11, 2012
Subject: How to extract html from .warc files ?
i'm looking for a fast and easy way to extract the html files from the .warc archives.

Please help, and I'm sure it will be useful for other people too.

You may contact by mail at chief864 AT .

Thanks !
Uploaded by
Jason Scott
on 4/11/2012